Our projects

We create solid projects for the future capable of integrating new ways of doing business that are totally compatible with the fight against climate change.

We identify new opportunities, analyse the market and different sectors, develop new business models and execute projects specifically in the area of infrastructure.



The international agreement to reduce the carbon footprint to zero by 2050, within its legal framework, offers huge investment opportunities for the medium and long-term.


In this new landscape, Exolum from a strategic stand-point, provides the identification and development of highly efficient new business models.

Circular Economy

With the traditional system of extraction, production consumption and disposal, the Circular Economy proposes the use of raw materials in production processes that respect the environment.

This framework favours forward-thinking investments linked to the philosophy of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”, ones in which Exolum will be present.


Industry 4.0

New production techniques combined with innovative tech like robotics, the Internet of Things, A.I. or nanotechnology, offer an especially interesting scenario for boosting energy infrastructure initiatives that imply new value added services.


Exolum was launched to identify and develop them to their maximum potential.


Collaborative Economy

New technology methods are empowering users and society, creating commercial and professional relationships previously unknown.

At Exolum we want to extol the power of communities and the capacity to generate new business models and supply chains.


R&D and Innovation services

The next decade will be key for consolidating these types of services based on research, development and innovation applied to the world of business.


At Exolum we have the drive to decipher the algorithms of the future, with a global vision for investment profitability and exercising maximum leverage given existing regulations.


Other services

This is just the beginning. Because beyond these pioneering sectors in the green transition, each day new discoveries bring new opportunities to consolidate growth and transformation at all levels.


The commitment to sustainability has arrived to the business world and is here to stay. Exolum is ready to face the challenges, as ambitious as they are.