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This legal policy regulates the correct use of this website property of EXOLUM SOLUTIONS, S.L. (henceforth Exolum).​

By navigating the Exolum web you automatically infer USER status which implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, said conditions may be changed without prior notice by Exolum, upon which will be updated and published as soon as possible.

Please read carefully this legal notice if you wish to access content and make use of information and services offered in this site.

The user is required to navigate this website within the law, under good faith, under public order, under traffic usage and under this legal notice, and will be held responsible by Exolum and other third parties for any damages caused by inappropriate use.

Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited, and Exolum has a right to deny or restrict access and use at any time.


1. Identification​

The user assures that all information sent to Exolum is valid and current, and will be held solely responsible for any false or inaccurate information given.

The user expressly agrees to the proper use of Exolum content and services and will not use them to, this and other:

​Exolum, in compliance with regulation 34/2002, 11 July, Services of the Information and E-commerce Organisation, informs that:

  • Company name: EXOLUM SOLUTIONS, S.L.

  • Commercial name: Exolum

  • VAT number: B88501812

  • Registered address is c/ Titán, 8 código postal 28045, Madrid (Spain)

  • As inscribed in Madrid Mercantile Office, Book 29069 Page 147, Inscription 1


2. Communications​

Please contact us through the following communication channels:

  • Tel: +34 91 9044618

  • Email:

  • Address: Calle Titán 8, planta 3, 28045, Madrid

All communications between the user and Exolum will be considered effective when made via the aforementioned channels.

3. Conditions of access and use

The website and its services are free for use. However, Exolum may apply conditions for the use of some of the services offered in its site by previously completing the corresponding form.


  1. Diffuse content that is criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, inciting terrorism or generally against law and public order.

Introduce viruses or carry out any actions that may change, damage, interrupt or generate errors or damage electronic documents, data or physical and logical Exolum systems or from third parties, or restrict access to the site and services by other users through massive consumption of IT resources via which Exolum offers its services.


Accessing email accounts of other users or restricted access of Exolum and third party IT systems, and by which, extract information.


Infringe on intellectual or industrial property rights, or violate Exolum’s confidential information or those pertaining to third parties.

Falsely and knowingly assume another users identity.

Reproduce, copy, distribute, circulate or publish in any other way, change or modify content, unless with the express consent of the owner or unless legally permitted to do so.

Collect data for advertising purposes and for sending out commercial communications without prior consent.

All website content, texts, photographs, tables, imagery, icons, technology, software, including graphic design and source code, is the sole property of Exolum, and rights of use or reproduction are strictly prohibited unless necessarily required in the normal use of the website.


Users can access the web site to view content and make copies for private use without reproducing them or sharing them with third parties, or installing them on connected servers or any other type of exploitation.

All brands, logos and commercial naming of all types that appear in the web site are the sole property of Exolum, and that the use and access of these materials does not in any way attribute any rights over their use.

The distribution, modification, sharing or public communication of any content or any other act not expressly authorised by the owner is strictly prohibited.

The site of a hyperlink does not imply the existence of any relationship between Exolum and the web site of the hyperlink, or any acceptance and approval by Exolum of its contents and services.

Exolum is not held responsible for how users use of the materials held of the web site or for any updating done on this basis.


3.1 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility over access and use

Content on the web site is merely for informative use, without guaranteeing total access to all content, that it is exhaustive, corrected, updated or prepared for any specific use.

Exolum is excluded, as permitted by law, of any responsibility for damages occurring from:

Inability to access the web site or lack of veracity, exactness, completeness and/or updated content, or the existence of any mistakes or defects in the type of content communicated, diffused, stored, available for use, as accessed via the website or the services offered.

The presence of virus or other elements in the content that may produce alterations in IT systems, electronic documents or user’s data.

Failure to comply with laws, in good faith, public order, the use of traffic and this Legal notice concerning the incorrect use of this web site.

Particularly, and by way of example, Exolum is not held responsible for third party use that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights, company secrets, rights of honour, rights to personal and family intimacy and name, or pertaining to unfaithful or illicit material.

In this way, Exolum is not responsible for any information that leaves this web site and not directly managed by our webmaster. The function of links that appear in this web are for exclusive use of informing the user of the existence of other further information sources to supplement this web site content. Exolum does not guarantee or is held responsible for any linked sites, and does not invite, suggest or recommend they be visited, and therefore is not responsible for any results obtained from them. Exolum is not responsible for third party hyperlinked sites.

3.2 Procedure in the case of acts of illicit nature​

In the case that a user or third party considers that facts or circumstances may pertain or infringe on acts of illicit nature whether related to content or any website activity, they should notify Exolum identifying themselves and specifying said infractions.



3.3 Publications​

The administrative information shown in the website does not overrule any legal publication of laws, regulations, plans, general acts that need to be announced publicly in official bulletins of Public Administrations that represent the sole instrument of good faith as to authenticity and content. The information available in this website is intended solely as a guide and does not pretend to hold any legal validity.

4. Relevant legislation and jurisdiction

The services offered by this Website and the general terms and conditions stated herein are bound by the current laws of Spain.

As permitted by law, all parties, expressly renouncing all other, are bound by the laws and jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals of Madrid. The language used is Castellano.